History 64’

Shadows of Freedom

This film recounts the untold story of the Jewish & French resistance of 1942 in Algiers, which helped change the course of WWII, yet remains largely forgotten.

These 388 resistors ended up supporting the Allies in North Africa. In the process they paved the way for a successful invasion of Algiers by the U.S., but also helped to save the lives of over 500,000 Jews in North Africa, targeted by Hitler's Final Solution. This was all part of "Operation Torch", the joint American-British mission that became the Allies’ first successful strike against the Nazis. 

Thanks to archive footage, this documentary sheds light on this largely forgotten military operation, which remains to this day the longest invasion in the history of conflict.

Direction: Amos Carlen and Aline Robichaud

Production: Carlen Creative Productions Inc.

Languages: French, English

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