Art & Culture 52'


Only in dreams can you cross path with a 21-meter-high elephant, a 38-ton spider or a giant minotaur. Yet, such dreams become reality through the creations of the French company Royal de Luxe!


Created in 1979 by Jean-Luc Courcoult, Royal de Luxe is one of the world’s most emblematic troop of street artists. One of their most spectacular consists of a parade of colossal and marvelous creatures, throughout the streets of a city. Called “Saga of the Giants”, it has attracted nearly 20 million spectators, from Argentina to Australia. Royal de Luxe brings together 200 talented artists, with an overflowing imagination. Inventors, acrobats, metal-workers, dancers and poets work together to narrate their fantastic stories through majestic performances.


This film propels us at the core of Royal de Luxe’s creative process. Combining testimonies of the troop with footage of their spectacular shows, it tells the whimsical story of these “Lilliputians serving giants”.

Direction: Jean-Michel Carre

Production: Tortuga Films Productions & Les Films du Grain de sable

Languages: French, English

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