History 70’

Résistants Collabos : une lutte à mort

In the summer of 1944, France was torn apart. Resistance fighters and Collabos are fighting to the death. Thousands of collaborators were liquidated, purged and brought to justice. When on the winning side, thousands of others paid the price of the Resistance. For several decades, France has wished to forget these images of purification to retain only those of liberation. However, certain fates of Resistance fighters and collaborators are out of the ordinary, guided by a spirit of revenge, ideology or opportunism.

This film retraces the extraordinary destinies of fighters who have fallen into oblivion. Hotheads of the Resistance, pro-Nazi fanatics or opportunist gangsters, these outcasts from official history address a haunting question: how to remain dignified in a country in perdition?

Direction: Christophe Weber & Franck Mazuet

Production: What's Up Films

Languages: French

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