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HJ Lim is now a world-renowned pianist. How did a young Korean girl become an exceptional musician and virtuoso performing all over the world?


Discover the extraordinary journey of HJ Lim, from her departure from South Korea at the age of 12 to pursue her piano studies in France, to her worldwide success. Despite the hardships, humiliations and racism she endured upon her arrival in France, she found comfort in her piano teacher Marc Hoppeler and his wife Agnès, who took her in. She went on to Compiègne, Rouen and finally Paris, where she realized her dream of attending the Conservatoire. Despite doubts about her vocation, she continued to follow her instincts and found success by chance at a concert in Belgium. 


Between France and South Korea, with testimonials from the artist and poignant reunions, the film shows the extraordinary career and exceptional talent of this pianist.

Direction: Stéphane Haskell

Production: Flair Production

Languages: French

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