History 52'

Hitler's Miracle Weapons

WW2, British Secret Intelligence Services: A letter with priceless details about heavy German weaponry goes unnoticed from the Allies… But they soon had to measure the threat imposed by Hitler’s destructive arsenal and his mad – and sadly effective - vision of the industrial war.

The documentary sheds light on miracle weapons, the new and powerful arming strategy that Hitler hoped would achieve victory. He forcefully encouraged the Third Reich engineers, among whom the famous Albert Speer, to develop revolutionary technologies and imagine invincible systems. If it did not help the Nazis win the war, how did this “last chance” arsenal marked a crucial turning point in the conflict ?

These fascinating creations include the impressive V2 rockets, the missiles, the titanic Dora cannon or the 200-ton Mauss tank. Utopias and aberrations all the same, Hitler’s weapons reveal the deadly threat of modern wars, and the technical creativity of mankind in such times of military crisis. The film also questions how this progress was followed by the Allies after the war, and influenced generations of scientists, from spatial conquest to Cold War secret strategies.

Direction: André Annosse

Production: Atalante Films, Cartooneurs Associés

Languages: French, English

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