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Hillary Clinton - A Woman on the Edge

No politician, woman or man, has been as frequently attacked as Hillary Clinton, on both a personal and a political level.


In her 40-year career, both right-wing and liberal media have always been critical of her, passing on even the cheapest slander. Though she was ahead in the polls in 2007, her detractors ruined her electoral chances to the advantage of a Barack Obama, considered more unifying and charismatic. Those same polls now give her a huge lead over her closest rival in the 2016 Democratic primary race. But she’s not dupe and knows that she is a walking target and that she must win the image war. Is Hillary really the victim of the famous “right-wing conspiracy”? How will she get around the traps laid out by her foes?


Although she has always faced scandals and rumors courageously – both personally and politically – Hillary Clinton is now stepping into the ring for what will surely be her last fight. Her campaign to reach the Oval Office in 2016 will be the main subject of the film, as well as the media game. An intimate capture of her struggle for power that will remind us as well of this remarkable woman’s journey.


By award-winning William Karel (The Dark Side of the Moon, CIA Secret Stories, Who killed Maggie?, The World According to Bush, Barack Obama – Great Expectations, Annihilation – the destruction of Europe’s Jews), a keen observer of US politics for many years. He will take us behind the scenes of this wild race for the presidency, while reminding us the chaotic ascension of a woman who began in politics as the “wife of…” and could have been first female US President. A paragon of political courage and determination, Hillary Clinton is, for better or worse, a woman on the edge.

Direction: William Karel

Production: FLACH FILMS for France Télévisions

Languages: French, English

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