Investigation & Politics 52' 90'

Gun Nation: America on Fire

Following Joe Biden’s election, the United States seems more divided than ever. Among the reasons: the Second Amendment, or the right of every American citizen to own guns.


While racial, political and economic tensions, as well as the health crisis, have caused gun sales to skyrocket, the victims of the recent killings at Virginia Tech and Parkland High School continue to mobilize to obtain more regulation. But will their fight be heard in a nation that is more armed than ever?


This road movie takes us into the post-Trump America to meet the "cowboys" of the Second Amendment, armed to the teeth and ready to do anything to defend the right to self-defense, and the militants convinced by a pacifist vision or converted by a personal tragedy. In this polarized context divided in two camps, do the "redeemed" still have a place?

Direction: Sabrina Van Tassel

Production: Adamis Production for Planète+

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