Nature 4K 52'


There is a land nestled in the middle of the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea: Guadeloupe. From the summits of the island to the luxuriant forests, passing by rivers, swamps, beaches and mangroves, the diversity of landscapes and ecosystems offers a wide variety of spectacular panoramas.


Even if it is very frequented by tourists and has many inhabited areas, the island of Guadeloupe is also the land of a discreet, almost invisible people: the animals. They knew how to find their place, near or far from humans. We know of their existence. We have sometimes seen them; we have often been close to them. But rarely really approached.


From the summits of the island to the depths of the ocean that surrounds it, this 100% wildlife film takes us to the most remarkable animals of Guadeloupe.

Direction: Rémi Laugier

Production: COSMOPOLITIS PRODUCTIONS for France Télévisions

Languages: French, English

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