Factual 52'

Eloquence of the deaf

Virginie Delalande is one of those rare birds that is as comfortable with the deaf as she is with the hearing. She speaks as she signs, one foot in every world. Through her story, her long and difficult learning of spoken language, she invites us to a journey into a world apart and to a reflection on communication. With her own voice, a voice she does not know, a voice she has never heard, she tells herself and invites us to immerse ourselves in her hybrid world.

Virginie wonders whether she should have an operation, or rather implant. The technology is now perfected, and even for the profoundly deaf like her, a cochlear implant can recover a few precious decibels of hearing. Virginia hesitates: does this operation make sense for her? This film is an opportunity for her to take stock of her life out loud and to ask herself, as she witnesses us, whether it is worth changing.

Direction: Laetitia Moreau

Production: Elephant Doc and Chrysalide Production for ARTE

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