Investigation & Politics 52'

Cour d'honneur

April 2017, a terrorist attack took place on the Champs-Elysées avenue, a police officer is killed. A few day later, it’s his companion who paid tribute to him, during the official ceremony in the “Cour d'honneur” of the “Prefecture de Paris”. The words of love, pronounced in this symbolic place of order and law, if they reveal an unexpected face of the police, do they mark the end of exclusion for homosexual police officers?

They are police officers and homosexual. How to assume your sexual orientation inside an organization not renowned for its gay-friendly attitude?

Though the portrait of men and women, this film try to collect the answers and stand in the footsteps of the FLAG!, the association that some of them founded to fight against internal discrimination. More visible than elsewhere, the difficulties policeman is facing during their coming-out, speak to us about a society which is changing or required to evolve.

Direction: Cécile Patingre

Production: Bellota Films for Public Sénat

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