Social issues 4x52'

Another Way

Mass consumption, fossil fuels dependence, stressful urban life... In a world that is losing its bearings, they chose to leave everything behind. In every aspects of their lives, freedom and autonomy have become the watchwords. Today, they are inventing a life in line with their values, closer to nature and respectful of all forms of life.

Eco-villages, places of alternative education, reconnecting with the elements for a total autonomy: Between modernity and ancient practices, on their own, with their families or gathered in communities, they turned their lives into real creative laboratories. In this series, they talk about their relationship with nature and their unusual way of life, hoping to offer solutions for a better future.

  • Autonomy in the heart of the mountains
  • Living in an eco-village
  • Northern Resilience, Canadian Autonomy
  • Learning to live independently

Direction: Muriel Barra

Production: Lato Sensu Productions and les Gens Biens Productions for Ushuaïa TV

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