Tracking the white Reindeer 52' by Hamid Sardar


In the snow-covered plains of northern Mongolia live the Tsaatan nomads. The young Quizilol and the beautiful Solongo are in love. To prove to Solongo's father that he is man enough to marry his daughter, Quizilol has to show he is capable of raising a herd of reindeer by himself. His family gives him a young stallion to start off. During a blizzard however, the stallion escapes into the spirit dwelling mountains. If it crosses the nearby Russian border, it will be lost forever. The young man can only count on himself to capture the animal. Only if he succeeds will he marry Solongo.


Direction: Hamid Sardar

Production: ZED for France 5, SWR, TV5 Monde, TFO, TV Catalunya, ETB, RTP, ERT

Genre: Human Stories

Available versions: French, Castellano, German, English


Film Festival of Trento (Italy)
Best TV Production
Adventure Festival of Val d'Isère (France)
Best Realisation
Mountain Film Festival of Kendal (United Kingdom)
Official Selection
International Mountain Film Festival of Autrans (France)
Special jury Award
Mountain Film Festival of Banff (France)
Best TV Production
Adventure Film Festival of Sheffield (United Kingdom)
Second Best Cultural Film

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