Patagonia Park, a Journey into the Wild 52' by Lucas Allain & Matthieu Le Mau


In southern Chile, there’s a unique place, the ultimate symbol of the wilderness at its best: Patagonia. This harsh and hostile environment is home to abundant wildlife. But that hasn’t always been the case...

Since the start of the year 2000, thanks to efforts driven by Kristine and Douglas Tompkins, the region has undergone a striking metamorphosis, with the rehabilitation of 850,000 hectares of land degraded by overgrazing and the creation of national parks which will come under public administration. After 14 years of relentless work and an unprecedented human adventure, the greatest privately-run ecological project in the world has just seen the light of day.

This documentary takes us into the heart of this innovative initiative and tells us the story of a region and the animals that live in it. Rheas, huemuls, mountain viscachas and guanacos can be seen amongst the other rare endemic species that live in this area which constitutes an exceptional natural heritage and where nature is now coming back into its own. For these endangered species, it’s a haven of peace.


Direction: Lucas Allain & Matthieu Le Mau

Production: Guindala Production & Ushuaïa TV.

Genre: Nature

Available versions: French, English


Los ganadores de Terres Festival
Grand Prize
Ménigoute Festival
Prix de Protection de la Nature
Deauville Green Awards
Awarded in the "Préservation de la biodiversité" category

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