Our Forests 5x52’ 4K by Jérôme Bouvier, Mike Magidson, Hamid Sardar, Luc Marescot & Marc Dozier


Across the planet, the increasing deforestation is sounding a new alarm. Faced with the inevitable climate change, endangered biodiversity and the fate of aboriginal peoples, with a wise and sensitive approach, five indigenous leaders offer a critical, questioning and empathetic look at the excesses of Homo-economicus.

From the Amazon to the African equatorial forest, through the North American forest, the boreal forest and the Indo-Pacific forest, this series invites us to discover the biodiversity, the peoples, the threats but also the solutions to safeguard these unique natural spaces.

Through each episode, we follow the journey and commitment of one of these leaders, witnesses, smugglers, activists and defenders of the environment. A great documentary panorama of primary forests, told in the first person.


Original idea: Marc Dozier

Co-writers: Sabah Rahmani, Luc Marescot

Direction: Jérôme Bouvier, Mike Magidson, Hamid Sardar, Luc Marescot & Marc Dozier

Production: LATO SENSU Productions for ARTE France, supported by UNESCO

Delivery: Eps 1, 2 & 3 - Early 2022 / Eps 4 & 5 - End of 2022

Genre: Human Stories

Available versions: French, English

Selected at the Sunny Side 2021 Wildlife conservation pitch session


  • Episode 1: Gabon
  • Episode 2: Canada
  • Episode 3: Papua New Guinea
  • Episode 4: Brazil
  • Episode 5: Mongolia

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