On the markets 110' by Stéphane Sanchez


A market is "the beating heart of a country" but it is also and above all the stories of men and women: the stallholders, the producers, the fishermen, a whole chain that strengthens thanks to each other so that regional products survive. It is sometimes also the poignant story of a transmission from one generation to the next.

For several months, the documentary teams explored the Place aux Herbes d'Uzès in the Gard, and Morlaix in Finistère to meet consumers, but also farmers and chefs, lovers of excellent products. This film aims to show this incomparable atmosphere, this unique warmth which for centuries has made the authenticity of our markets. They are filled with passionate producers who are in the fields, at sea, on their farms, during the week and in representation on Saturday mornings. This film is a tribute to them.


Direction: Stéphane Sanchez

Production: Elephant

Genre: Art & Culture

Available versions: French

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