Microorganisms, the air we breathe 52' 4K by Claude-Julie Parisot


Bacteria, viruses, but also fungus spores, algae, pollen, and even insects: microorganisms are constantly drifting through the sky.

How can so many living beings nd their way into the air and be circulating in our atmosphere? How do they survive? What is their in uence on our lives and our entire living world?

Biodiversity, health, climate – scientists are only now discovering just how much this discreet airborne "plankton" a ects our lives and the entire ecosystem on Earth. But despite its many virtues, this magic matter is now under threat from human activity.

With help from experts and using 3D visual e ects, this scienti c investigation will take us to the heart of a world that is still very little understood, and will reveal the diversity and fragility of the air we breathe.


Direction: Claude-Julie Parisot

Production: Les Films en Vrac for ARTE France

Delivery: End of 2020

Genre: Science

Available versions: French, English

Screening Room

For professional use only

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