Killer Whale 52' by Bertrand Loyer


During four years of shooting in the icy waters that surround the volcanic archipelago of the Crozet Islands, we have followed the trial and tribulations of Delphine, a young female adolescent killer whale. Living and growing within her family group she gradually learns how to find her bearings, how to hunt king penguins or Minke whales and how to get stranded in order to catch sea elephants.

For the first time divers have dared to swim next to these great predators and have brought back an amazing collection of unique shots. Come and join us in the world of the Crozet Islands and their undisputed masters... 


Direction: Bertrand Loyer

Production: Saint Thomas Productions for BBC, Discovery, Canal+ and NHK

Genre: Nature

Available versions: French, English

Screening Room

For professional use only

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