Himalaya, Land of Women 52' & 80' by Marianne Chaud


At an altitude of nearly 4,000 meters, Sking is one of the most isolated villages in the Himalayan region of Zanskar. In just three months, from August to October, the Zanskaris have to harvest and store all their food for the coming year. All the women-young and old alike-work nonstop, from dawn to dusk, and worry about the arrival of winter.

Filmed from the point of view of a subjective camera by a young female ethnologist, Himalaya, Land of Women offers a sensitive and poetic immersion in the life of four generations of women during harvesting season. We share their rare intimacy and gradually grow attached to them.


Direction: Marianne Chaud

Production: ZED and ARTE France

Genre: Human Stories

Available versions: French, Castellano, Italian, English



Planète Couleurs Film Festival of Saint Etienne (France)
Selection Official - No Competition
Mountain Film Festival of Vancouver (Canada)
Film Festival of Trento (Italy)
Best Mountain Film
Ethnographic Film Festival (France)
Official Selection
Mountain Film Festival of Banff (Canada)
Official Selection
Mountain Film Festival of Autrans (France)
Public Award & Best Film Award (Human Life Category)
Adventure Film Festival of Sheffield (UK)
Official Selection

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