Facing the Giants Bees 52' by Jérôme Ségur


In the northwest of Nepal, men scale the vertiginous rock faces of the Himalayas to gather the honey of wild bees. These expert climbers risk their lives every spring at an altitude of more than 3,000 metres where they face the giant Apis Laboriosa bees, the biggest species on the planet.

This year, Moti, a young boy, will be part of the expedition and will climb the cliffs for the first time. He’d like to become a honey hunter like his father.

Gathering the honey involves an extremely dangerous high-wire act. Hanging from a ladder made of woven bamboo and with nothing to steady him, Moti climbs up the cliff. Without any protection, he approaches the swarm which can be more than a meter high.

Moti seems full of confidence, but he must exhibit both patience and endurance to become a true honey hunter. His enthusiasm is a good sign for the continuation of this disappearing activity. But will he be able to step into his father’s shoes?


Directed by: Jérôme Ségur

Produced by: ZED for France 5 / Ushuaïa TV / Oasis HD / RTP / SWR / TV3 Catalunya / RTS / GA&A / Canal Futura and HD Suisse

Genre: Human Stories

Available versions: French, English


Japan Wildlife Film Festival
Nature & People Award
International Mountain Film Festival of Autrans (France)
Official Selection
Film Festival of Graz (Austria)
Camera Alpin in Gold Prize
International Film Festival of Toulon (France)
The Prize of "Un Regard sur le Monde"
Diablerets Film Festival (Switzerland)
Grand Prize / Public Award
Etonnants Voyageurs Film Festival of Saint Malo (France)
Official Selection

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