The End of memory? 52' by Vincent Amouroux


The volume of digital data generated by modern society is continually increasing. But how can this be stored on less permanent formats like CDs, DVDs, and hard disks? What sort of memory are we going to pass on to future generations?

Every day, some 2.5 trillion bytes of data are exchanged. It is estimated that 90% of the data existing in the world today was generated in the course of the last two years. This deluge is known as “big data”.

How can we classify, store, and give meaning to this mass of digital information? To make up for the short lifespan - 10 years maximum - of current storage formats will researchers succeed in developing new platforms capable of ensuring the preservation of this data for future generations? Are our digital societies still capable of producing a lasting memory?

This film sets out to answer these questions through a rigorous, fascinating scientific investigation. Accompanied by very creative visuals, this investigation allows us to understand and anticipate the challenges of tomorrow’s memory storage.


Direction: Vincent Amouroux

Production: ZED for ARTE France, RTVC

Genre: Science

Available versions: French, Neutral Spanish, English


Pariscience, Science Film Festival 2015
Jury Prize

Screening Room

For professional use only

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