Braddock America 101' by Jean-Loïc Portron et Gabriella Kessler


In the Northeast of the United States, a few miles outside of Pittsburgh, lies the town of Braddock, the last bastion of steel. Although Braddock has lost its previous luster, its community continues to come together and try to shape the future.

The film is subtly lit by images of days long gone and the voices of Braddock's inhabitants. They are survivors of the past, connected by their will to tackle difficulties together and their desire to stay united. Braddock is an allegory. The movie tells the story of an American city, all the while relating ours: the story of the West hit by deindustrialization. However, under the blows of excavators, the grass still grows and behind the rusty façades, men continue to live.


Genre: Investigation & Politics

Available versions: English


FIFE, International Environment Film Festival
Official Selection
Festival "Filmer le Travail"
Official Selection
Cleveland International Film Festival
Official Selection
Nashville Film Festival
Official Selection
Cannes Film Festival
ACID Selection

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