Aliens of the Deep Sea 52' by Jérôme Julienne et John Jackson


A soft boneless body, two enormous eyes that take up a quarter of its weight, eight tentacles of which one is a sex organ, brain and intestines in a single pouch, and a tearing double beak: This carnivorous predator can change shape and color at will, walk on land and sea, and cross through fire. It can grow over five metres long and is amazingly intelligent!


Direction: Jérôme Julienne & John Jackson

Production: MC4 / Ideacom International for France 3 / CBC / Canal D / TFO / Science Channel / RTBF / Fonds Canadien de Télévision / Sodec and GA&A

Genre: Nature

Available versions: French, Arabic, Castellano, English


Official Selection
International Science Film Festival of Athens (Greece)
Innovation & Technology Prize

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