A World of Colours 21x52' 4K - NEW EPS! by Carole Greco, Guy Beauché, Philippe Moreau & Stéphane Jacques


Yellow, red, blue, green… Colors are often what strike us when we discover a country. Why are yellow and gold used so much in the decoration of this temple? How is the blue pigment that colors this piece of clothing produced? Our eye is first drawn by vivid or unusual hues – those of a river or a rare flower, traditional costumes or a commonplace accessory. 

How about exploring a country through this prism? That is what this documentary series sets out to achieve, tackling each trip from this original angle. Each episode will take us to discover the country along a trail that encompasses the landscapes, monuments, and cultural aspects such as costumes, decoration, objects, and building materials in that color.  

A colorful voyage that will plunge us into breathtaking landscapes, going inside some sumptuous monuments, and getting up close during local rituals and practices. Experts, historians, or local witnesses will contribute to provide explanations about particular uses or unusual natural colors. 


Direction: Carole Greco, Guy Beauché, Philippe Moreau & Stéphane Jacques

Production: ZED and Voyage

Genre: Travel & Adventure

Available versions: French, English



  • China in blue
  • China in red 
  • China in green 
  • China in yellow 

Colombia (4K)

  • Colombia in blue
  • Colombia in red 
  • Colombia in green 
  • Colombia in yellow

Australia (4K)

  • Australia in blue
  • Australia in red 
  • Australia in green 
  • Australia in yellow

France (4K)

  • France in blue
  • France in red
  • France in green
  • France in yellow

Japan (4K), NEW!

  • Japan in Colours
  • Japan in blue
  • Japan in red  
  • Japan in green 
  • Japan in yellow

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