True crime 5x52'

White Collar Gangsters

Clark Rockefeller, Hunter Moore, Allen Stanford – do these names sound familiar? In fact, they all have something in common. They have each, in turn, made front-page news because they turned to crime. These people are exceptionally talented, but also have huge egos and have conned millions of victims by flirting with the limits of the law to create their empires.


In this series, we discover the incredible stories of these next-generation criminals. Through some private footage, witness testimonies from those close to them, FBI agents, judges, victims, and sometimes even the criminals themselves, we will follow the unusual criminal careers of these genius swindlers whose reality is often stranger than fiction.

  • Clark Rockefeller
  • Hunter Moore
  • Allen Stanford
  • Ross Ulbricht
  • Mark Karpeles

Direction: Aurélie Marques, Elsa Lhéritier, Julie Peyrard, Caroline Amiard

Production: Pallas Télévision for 13ème Rue

Languages: French, English

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