Nature Science 4K 52'


Silt is mostly seen as slimy and repelling. But, if we look at it closely, it turns out to be exceptionally rich and complex!


This sediment gathers all the conditions necessary for the creation and proliferation of life. It all began 4 billion years ago, with the appearance of ingenuous micro-organisms…

We go to the coasts of Guyana where the most diverse mudflats can be found. To the rhythm of days and tides, we observe the mechanisms of an astonishing food chain, from unicellular algae to the most efficient predators.


Combining aerial shots with microscope sequences, this documentary sheds light on this unknown yet fascinating ecosystem.

Direction: Luc Riolon

Production: Les Films en Vrac for France Télévisions & Ushuaïa TV

Languages: French, English

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