Nature 52'

Sharks of the Mediterranean: A Vanishing Kingdom

If you want to rub shoulders with the big sharks, you have to go to the end of the world. However, barely a century ago, we could meet them in the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean sea was then a shark kingdom. Blue sharks, porbeagle sharks, hammerhead sharks, and great white sharks abounded once, as the Mediterranean was chock-full of fish. What happened to this beautiful world? Are there preserved places where one can admire the remains of this former glory? Where are the big sharks? Do they survive in some of the secret spaces of our Mediterranean?

It's by looking for this forgotten kingdom and the sharks that ruled there that "Sharks of the Mediterranean: A Vanishing Kingdom" invites you…

Direction: Stéphane Granzotto & François Sarano

Production: Mona Lisa Production & Label Bleu Production

Languages: French, English

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