Investigation & Politics Science 90'

Searching for Eternal Youth

Cosmetics, surgery, diets… It is not easy to age peacefully in a society worshiping youth. Valérie Bonneton and Alfred de Montesquiou set off to explore in depths this culte of tender age.


She’s a comedian, he’s a war reporter. She’s 51, he’s 43. Both of them question what it means to grow old. After undergoing a full medical check-up, Valérie and Alfred begin an amazing journey around the globe, in search for the many remedies that guarantee longevity and rejuvenation. From fasting to ayurveda, passing by the “vampire lift”, they experiment numerous techniques, ancestral or innovative, economical or expensive. Will they find the keys to eternal youth?

Direction: Stéphane Gillot

Production: CAT & Cie for M6 & RTL TVI

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