Music On The Road

Techno with African beats, jazzed-up creole music, bluegrass-infused hip hop… Musicians are constantly reinventing the musical genres of their hometowns in search of new sounds.

From New York to New Orleans, with stopovers in Chicago and the Far West, Music on the Road takes you into the back alleys of American culture, where you will discover electrocumbia, feminist hip hop, beat boxing, neo-soul, and modern psychedelic rock. Over ten episodes, journey through the United States and fully immerse yourself in the environments and communities of these local avant-garde artists. An unforgettable adventure that illustrates a society undergoing profound change.

Episode 1 : New-York 

Episode 2 : Detroit

Episode 3 : Chicago

Episode 4 : Nashville

Episode 5 : Memphis

Episode 6 : Nouvelle-Orleans

Episode 7 : Austin 

Episode 8 : Far West 

Episode 9 : Los Angeles

Episode 10 : San Francisco

Production : Les Films du Poisson / Why So Serious Productions / ARTE France

Directed by: Yoann Le Gruiec et Benoit Pergent

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