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Montmartre, a village in Paris

On the heights of Paris, there is a timeless district with winding alleys and dead ends dotted with gardens... A district that has not lost its charm of yesteryear and still retains its village soul: Montmartre. Situated on a hill 130 metres high, it is nevertheless one of the most visited districts of the capital. Its Sacré-Coeur, its bistros, its cabarets are regularly assailed by hordes of tourists.

What has become of Montmartre today? Is the charm still intact? To answer this question, we will follow the daily life of 4 local figures, full of Montmartre's gnaw! These men and women have agreed to open the doors of their secret gardens to us.

Production : Elephant Doc for TF1

Direction: Elodie Palyswit

Languages: French

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