History Science 4K 55' 90'

Iznik, the Sunken enigma

2014, Turkey. A normal survey flight over Lake Iznik unexpectedly reveals the sunken remains of a 4 century basilica. The discovery prompts scientists to probe the elusive history and geology behind the demise of the church that was built in the ancient Roman city of Nicaea – now known as Iznik.


When was the basilica destroyed? How did the basilica get swallowed up by Lake Iznik? And what happened to its community?

Spanning Turkey, France, Switzerland, the United States and the Vatican, this cross investigation follows step by step a world-renowned team in this underwater excavation.


Thanks to exclusive access to the site, including critical aerial and underwater cinematography, and spectacular CGI, we travel through the centuries, back to the Roman and Byzantine time, and to the foundation of Christianity itself.

Direction: Pascal Guérin

Production: Les Batelières Production for France Télévisions, SBS, Viasat, FTV Prima & ORF
in coproduction with ORF

Selected at the Sunny Side 2021 science 1-to-1 session

Languages: French, English

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