Nature 4K 52'

In conversation with sharks

In Mozambique, the ethologist Steven Surina dives amongst a dozen bull sharks. He has done this dive hundreds of times, but on this day, sharks are behaving unusually. Despite his experience, Steven is unable to defuse the situation which becomes dangerous. This traumatic event makes him question himself.

Like all living beings, sharks communicate with their bodies — but are we really able to understand their language? Do they act only by instinct or does each one has its own personality? By meeting several specialists and marine biologists, Steven tries to look for answers.

Begins an adventure which leads him to meet different species and which ends where it all began — in front of the bull shark. Follow Steven’s investigation as he carries out a series of experiments to unravel their language and tries to understand if one can engage a conversation with sharks.

Direction: Pierre-Étienne Larrous
Production: Saint Thomas Productions & Face Off for ARTE 
Delivery: End of 2024 

Languages: French, English

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