History 52'

Falling in love in wartime

From June 1940 to September 1943, the Italian army occupied several French departments.

In the Alps, safe from the Germans and Vichy, thousands of Jews from Central Europe took refuge in these Italian zones. Suddenly, in the mountains, they speak French, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Polish or Yiddish, they meet and exchange. For one summer, an unimaginable haven of peace is built in a torn Europe. Until 8 September 1943. The armistice is signed with Italy. The Germans arrive. The Italian soldiers flee with the Jews through the mountains, a long and difficult journey. On arrival, most of them are arrested by the Germans and deported to Auschwitz. Some managed to hide.

We tell this story through those who lived it: Rima Dridso Levin, a Russian Jew, and Federico Strobino, an Italian Catholic officer. They turned it into a love story...

Direction: Audrey Gordon

Production: Nilaya Productions & Zenit Arti Audiovisive for Rai Documentari & France Télévisions

Languages: French

awards & festivals

  • Festival Lumière

    Official Selection

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