History 90'


In 1944, while France was still partially occupied, a huge drive to transform the country emerged, driven by Charles De Gaulle.


For thirty years, the French transformed France. Thirty years of spectacular change, now known as the Trente Glorieuses, of which De Gaulle has become the symbol. They invented new housing developments, comfort, modern agriculture, cars, vacations, seaside and ski resorts, and compulsory secondary education. But France also created a productivist society that soon gave way to doubt and disillusionment for many French people.


Using archival footage, including many colorized images, the film takes us on a journey through the race for progress in post-war France, from the ambition of the French to build a more equitable country, to the disappointment of the productivist society and its empty promises.

Direction: Camille Juza

Production: Point du Jour - Les Films du Balibari

Languages: French

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