History 3x52'

CIA, Secret Wars

Trilogy of William Karrel about the history of the CIA. This three-part documentary series takes an in-depth look at the anatomy and functioning of the CIA, its failures (the Bay of Pigs, the Watergate Scandal) and its chronic shortsightedness (inability to foresee the rise of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism, the fall of the USSR, or the Sept. 11th attacks).

The film identifies and dissects the CIA's true power base and gives us a rare inside glimpse at the inner workings of the US intelligence agency and American government.

  • 1947-1977 Undercover operations
  • 1977-1989 Lost illusions
  • 1990-2001 One war begets another

Direction: William Karel

Production: Roche Productions for ARTE and France Télévisions

Languages: French, Español, German, Neutral Spanish, English

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