Nature 52'


An anadromous fish, the Atlantic salmon travels each year from the ocean back to its native river in order to reproduce. This spectacular migration – up to 10,000 km! – is essential to the survival of the species. But this journey is by no mean an easy one.


Indeed, many obstacles prevent salmons from returning to their source – dams, pollution, overfishing, intensive fish farming… In less than 50 years, the salmon population has thus declined by almost 90%! Faced with this alarming fact, researchers, activists and fishermen are joining forces in the hope that these fish will once again abound in our rivers.


Using both underwater and aerial images, this documentary retraces the journey of an extraordinary fish – from the icy waters of Greenland up to the French rivers – and highlights those working for its return.

Direction : Samuel Ruffier

Production : Mona Lisa Production for Ushuaïa TV, with the participation of Salamandre TV

Languages: French, English

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