Rivers Above the Canopy 52' by Pascal Cuissot


Why do we not find deserts on the South American continent whereas at the same latitudes, Africa and Australia are full of them? Why are there no hurricanes experienced in the area ranging from the Amazonian Basin to the north of Argentina? Are the trees of the Amazon rainforest responsible for these advantages?

It is by deciphering the surprising phenomenon of the flying rivers in South America, almost unique in the world and recently discovered by climate experts, that the film will respond to these questions. Transporting more water than the world’s largest river, the Amazon, the flying rivers distribute this beneficial resource across almost the entire South American continent. They even play a fundamental role in the global climate.

By following the scientists in the field and in their laboratories, and thanks to animated 3D sequences, the film deciphers the mechanisms of this extraordinary and little-known natural phenomenon.


Direction: Pascal Cuissot

Production: ZED and Grifa Filmes (Brazil) for ARTE France

Delivery: Spring 2021

Genre: Nature

Available versions: French, English