The Rise and Fall of Versailles 3x52' by Thierry Binisti


Symbol of France’s glory, Versailles is probably the most splendid royal palace in Europe and is seen as one of the wonders of the world. From 1643 to 1792 it was the stage on which the most glorious period of the French Monarchy played out, until the darkest days, at the fall of the Bourbon dynasty.

Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI: Three kings, three reigns, three stories. This 3x52’ collection offers a sensitive and endearing portrait of the monarchs and recreates their life, loves and political willpower. From the Sun King, admired by the court and his subjects, to Louis XVI, the only King of France ever to be executed, we will revisit the Versailles of the 18th century until the French Revolution.

Filmed in the spectacular staterooms, bedrooms and gardens of Versailles itself, these beautifully photographed drama-documentaries bring the 150-year reign of France’s three most famous monarchs to life, with the help of interviews of the world’s leading specialists.


Direction: Thierry Binisti

Production: LES FILMS D'ICI for France Télévisions and BBC

Genre: History

Available versions: French, German, Neutral Spanish, English


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