Primates of the Caribbean 52' by Jean-Christophe Ribot


1938: Five hundred monkeys in India are rounded up, shipped across the world, and released on a remote, uninhabited Caribbean island. How do they organize themselves socially?

Troop wars, discrimination, abuse of power on the one hand - and maternal love, solidarity, and respect for the social hierarchy on the other. For better or worse, a society has been formed.

Three renowned scientists,—a psychologist, a geneticist and an evolutionary biologist—scrutinize these primates of the Caribbean in order to understand the roots of our own human society… and to help us, ultimately, to imagine possibilities for a more altruistic world.


Direction: Jean-Christophe Ribot

Production: MOSAIQUE Films, ARTE France, DEEP BAY Films

Genre: Nature

Available versions: French, German, English

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