Pig Tales 52' by Emma Baus


Pigs are animals that we think we know well, but our representations of them are sometimes far from the truth. Extremely intelligent and sensitive, they share many similarities with humans, not only genetic. 

Meet five piglets and follow their lives from birth to adulthood. A miniature domestic pig in California, a truffle pig in France’s Périgord, a feral pig returned to the wild in the United States, a wandering pig in a village in northern Laos, and a “tourist attraction” pig on a small island in the Bahamas.

What part of their instincts do pigs keep despite their domestication? What type of interactions can they have with Man? 

Five pigs, five destinies, five realms. This touching wildlife documentary weaves together five compelling stories that reveal little-known secrets about pigs.


Direction: Emma Baus

Production: Nord-Ouest Documentaires 


Genre: Nature

Available versions: French, English

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