Mission Invisible 52' by Vitaly Fedko & Ludmila Nazaruk


The largest nuclear submarine ever built is Russian. Carrying 20 ballistic missiles inside its 179 meter long hull, the Typhoon-class ship has been designed as the weapon of last resort.

Until now however, only glimpses of the largest and deadliest killing machine on Earth have been available. In a striking 52' film, Mission Invisible will take you onboard the pride of the Russian Northern Fleet: a Typhoon-class submarine.

Together with Alexander Bogachev and his 130 man crew, we will dive into the abyss of the cold, lonely ocean for a full-scale top secret military mission. For the very first time, we will witness the crew as they practice for emergencies of all types as well as an authentic fire alarm during the mission.


Direction: Vitaly Fedko & Ludmila Nazaruk

Production: Corona Films and ZED for France Télévisions & Discovery Channel

Genre: History

Available versions: French, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Castellano, Czech, English

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For professional use only

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