Little Man 31x5' by Jérôme Ségur, Vincent Grémillon, Benoît Ségur, Jean-Michel Corillon, Jérôme Raynaud, Jean Queyrat, Corinne Glowacki, Philippe Bigot, Gauthier Flauder, Hamid Sarder


Life is not always taught on school benches. In many countries, children must first learn ancestral traditions and know-hows. This series invites kids to travel the world and discover other lifestyles and ways of growing up. Each episode features a different child who is initiated by an elder to a special task in which he will have to demonstrate courage and maturity.


Direction: Jérôme Ségur / Vincent Grémillon / Benoît Ségur / Jean-Michel Corillon / Jérôme Raynaud / Jean Queyrat / Corinne Glowacki / Philippe Bigot / Gauthier Flauder / Hamid Sarder

Production: ZED


Available versions: French, Arabic, Castellano, English


1/ I-kwan

2/ Azat

3/ Ema

4/ Jay

5/ Ombee

6/ Suardi

7/ Gibi

8/ Ramgapal

9/ Idrissou

10/ Jean

11/ Kisset

12/ Nima

13/ Banda & Mata

14/ Telkon

15/ Edik

16/ Urgan

17/ Abderahim

18/ Zance

19/ Solta & Souvta

20/ Solo

21/ Masato

22/ Kazutaro

23/ Baka

24/ Chibinda

25/ Johnny

26/ Kmao

27/ Sre-Cha

28/ Tenzin

29/ Quizilol

30/ Zayd

31/ Thang Gong

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