Israel, Stories of modern days 52' by William Karel & Blanche Finger


What do we really know about the State of Israel? What if, in order to really understand this incredibly complex country, we had to question its writers, rather than war correspondents and experts in geopolitics? What better reflection of a society is there, than its writers?

The conflict with the Palestinians, the proximity of the occupied territories, the weight of the past, the Zionist project, religion, the army, the young people, social and territorial tensions…: Israeli authors have the words, heart, and reason to tell the story of Israel in a way that differs from what we’re used to hearing in the news.

In this documentary, William Karel calls on ten Israeli writers - Amos Oz, Etgar Keret, Zeruya Shalev… - who paint a vivid picture of the unbelievable patchwork that constitutes their country, unveiling all the ambiguities of their society, ranging from a daily life that sometimes overwhelms them to this never-ending creative vitality.


Directed by: William Karel et Blanche Finger

Production: Roche Productions

Genre: Art & Culture

Available versions: French, English


Selected in the "Art, heritage and cultures of the Mediterranean" category
Official Selection
Festival of Israeli Cinema
Official Selection

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