Holy Mysteries 3x52' by Juliette Desbois, Blandine Josselin, Florent Quet & Stanislas Kraland


Sacred texts have fascinated historians, but also believers, and the curious... For many are looking for clues to prove that these events unfolded as they have been narrated to us.

This investigative series takes us to the heart of the mysteries and controversies of Christianity. In three episodes and with the help of reconstructions, discover what historians can tell us about the mysteries surrounding Jesus and his first apostle Saint Peter, both as famous as they are mysterious.


Direction: Florent Quet, Stanislas Kraland, Juliette Desbois, Blandine Josselin

Production: Label News, ZED, for RMC Découverte

Genre: History

Available versions: French, English


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