Chinbayar, a Young Shaman's Quest Across Mongolia 52' by Laurent Chalet & Anne-Sylvie Meyza


In Mongolia, the young shaman Chinbayar embarks on a journey of initiation across his homeland, which is in the midst of great upheaval due to the arrival of major mining companies that are exploiting its vast mineral wealth. 

Chinbayar wants to resolve the dilemma he is facing: His father also digs the land in search of gold to support his family, but in Mongolia, one cannot disturb the ground with impunity, since it is home to the spirits.  

From the Gobi Desert to the capital Ulaanbaatar, and on to the sacred Lake Khovsgol, Chinbayar hopes that his encounters with lamas and shaman elders will provide him with the answers to find the right path.


Production : Ladybirds Films with the participation of France Télévisions.

Directed by : Laurent Chalet & Anne-Sylvie Meyza

Genre: Human Stories

Available versions: French

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