Cape Town: Facing Day Zero 52' by Miléna Mathez-Loïc


2018: Cape Town experienced record-breaking drought in South Africa. Labelled 'Day Zero' by local authorities, this situation due to three consecutive years of anaemic rainfall, and became the worst drought in modern history. 

How did Cape Town, one of Africa's best-run and wealthiest cities, come to the brink of drought? How did it cope with the worst drought on record? At a time when most climate models predict that the water crisis will spread to other cities, including Beijing, Mexico City, Jakarta, Los Angeles, Istanbul and Sao Paulo, what lessons can be learned from this experience to prevent further occurrences? 

Reusing shower water, limiting toilet flushing, night-time irrigation... The inhabitants of Cape Town look back on this historical episode and tell us about the measures that have prevented Cape Town from going completely dry - until now.


Direction: Miléna Mathez-Loïc

Production: Mona Lisa Production for Ushuaïa TV

Genre: Investigation & Politics

Available versions: French, English

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For professional use only

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