Bush Blitz, Expedition on Indigenous Lands 52' by Quincy Russell


A group of 20 scientists heads into the heart of Gibson Desert in Australia, on the Bush Blitz expedition. With temperatures between 32 and 50° in summer, the mainly endemic fauna and flora, have adapted over the millennia to this particularly arid land.

The scientists’ aim is to learn and understand the age-old techniques used by the aborigines to survive in this inhospitable land. Over two weeks, significant resources - helicopters, drones, mobile base camps and laboratories, scanners, and topographers… - are deployed to draw up an inventory of the whole zone and its new animal species.

These experts hope that by combining their scientific knowledge with the aborigines’ expertise, they will be able to locate an immense soft water lake that isn’t to be seen on maps or satellite images. It’s a surprising journey of discovery of landscapes of rare beauty, where “fire red” earth can be found alongside immense lakes covered in a white crust of salt, in which nothing lives.


Direction: Quincy Russell

Production: Mona Lisa Production for Ushuaïa TV

Genre: Science

Available versions: French, English

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