Becoming a Man among the Borana 52' by Jean Queyrat


In the heart of Ethiopia, 12 year-old Wario belongs to the Borana tribe. It is time for Wario to learn the difficult trade of salt labor, in order to become a full-grown Borana with adult responsibilities.

He will first follow his father to the "mouth of the devil", a volcano in which men risk their lives to extract salt. He will then journey to the singing wells, where men form a 30 ft chain to fetch water as they sing. With the camels packed with salt and water, father and son will embark on the salt route, a long and perilous journey across the desert.


PRODUCTION: ZED with the participation of France 5 / Odisea / TV5 Monde / TFO / TV Catalunya / ETB / RTP / ERT / HD Suisse / Servus TV

Director: Jean Queyrat

Genre: Human Stories

Available versions: French, Brazilian Portuguese, German, English


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