1917: One Year, Two Revolutions 52' & 90' by Bernard George


Between February and October 1917, Imperial Russia, once deemed eternal, plunges into revolution. Nine months of popular and spontaneous revolt, fueled by the weariness of the Great War. Nine months of hopes, freedom and democratic aspirations, chronicled at that time by a journalist stationed in Petrograd, shedding a new light on this period. Nine months of unrest and uncertainties, before a coup brought about an upheaval that changed the course of History and profoundly altered the future of civilization.

Thanks to unique archive footage, partly colorized, this film aims to revisit through another prism this turning point of the Twentieth Century. 1917: One Year, Two Revolutions will restore the historical truth in the light of the most recent historiography. A breathless narrative that will capture the epic nature of this crucial event without sacrificing scientific rigor.


Direction: Bernard George

Production: Cinétévé for France 3

Genre: History

Available versions: French, English

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For professional use only

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