The Doubt Makers 52' & 90' by Franck Cuveillier & Pascal Vasselin


How can science be manipulated to create doubt? Why and in who’s interest? And how do we, as individuals and citizens, consent to that? Generating ignorance involves creating uncertainty in public discourse, scientific doubt that is sufficient to delay or paralyse all political or civic action.

Thanks to never-before-seen archives, testimonies from repentants and graphic animations, this investigation plunges us into the science of doubt by reconstructing its mechanisms. Along with a team of experts (philosophers, economists, cognitive scientists, or even agnotologists), we explore concrete examples of doubt making (the tobacco industry, endocrine disruptor sector, climate change skeptics...) and try to understand the whole process and the issues behind it.

An enlightening documentary that dismantles one by one and without taking sides, the workings of this clever manoeuver that aims to turn science against itself.


Direction: Franck Cuveillier & Pascal Vasselin

Production: ZED for ARTE France

Delivery: End of 2019

Genre: Investigation & Politics

Available versions: French, English