Target Ball 70' by Romain Potocki


This is the story of a square in Porto-Novo (Benin), where four religions have their headquarters. In addition to religions, on the square, we speak seven languages, have a dozen ethnic groups and all social classes are blended.  

In an Africa more prone to interethnic and inter-religious tensions than ever, a simple spark would be enough to start a fire. However, on Attaké square, far from the fratricidal wars, we live on good terms. The secret? From the youngest to the oldest, they play together... Petanque! From sunrise to sunset, bowlers from all walks of life meet up, talk, bicker, laugh... A passion that culminates in the great Tournament of the Meteor Club, created in 1958 by a former apprentice mechanic. 

The time of a tournament, alongside "Mr. Adjovi", president of honor of the Meteor Club, guardian of the voodoo temple and emeritus player, we discover this place and meet its inhabitants.


Direction: Romain Potocki

Production: ZED, with the participation of France Télévisions

Genre: Human Stories

Available versions: French, English